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Your Copyright Questions Answered: Using a Textbook Chapter in Blackboard

Using a Textbook Chapter in Blackboard

Question: Do I need to obtain copyright permission to post one chapter from a textbook in Blackboard? If I obtain copyright permission, can I post that chapter semester after semester?

Answer: Recently, EKU had a removal notice from a textbook publisher regarding the posting on Blackboard of one textbook chapter. Although the chapter was posted in 2012 and wasn’t used again in additional classes, its existence in Blackboard was flagged during a publisher audit of Blackboard servers for copyright violations. Textbooks are a particular problem for posting because fair use does not allow photocopying of workbooks, textbooks, or standardized tests that are created for educational use. If you choose to post even one chapter from a textbook, you must purchase copyright permission for that semester. However, copyright permission does not extend beyond one semester. If you obtain copyright permission, you must remove the chapter from Blackboard after that semester. For questions about copyright and how to obtain copyright clearance, please contact Linda Sizemore, Scholarly Communications Librarian.

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