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Your Copyright Questions Answered: Public Performance Rights and Showing Movies on Campus

Public Performance Rights and Showing Movies on Campus

Question: What are Public Performance Rights?
Answer: Public Performance Rights (PPR) are the legal rights to publicly show a film or video.  The rights-holder can assign PPR to others through a Public Performance License.

Question: When are Public Performance Rights Required?
Answer: All screenings of copyrighted film or video offered to the whole campus.

Question: How Can I Purchase Public Performance Rights?
Answer: Individuals and organizations are responsible for obtaining performance rights for all publicly screened media.  To secure (license) PPR, contact Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.

EKU Libraries' Streaming Videos with Public Performance Rights
EKU Libraries have purchased a streaming video service with public performance rights purchased. This service is KANOPY

Please contact Linda Sizemore with any questions.

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