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Reading a Statute Citation

How to read a federal statute citation

How to read a Kentucky statute citation

Where to find statutes


How to read a federal statute citation:

Federal Code (USC, USCA & USCS)

Citation example:     15 USC sec.41

Title number Source Section number
15 USC(or USCA or USCS) 41
  • The text of the laws in the USC, USCA & USCS are identical.
  • The USC is the official version and is located in Government Documents department.


How to read a Kentucky statute citation:

Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS):

Citation example:     KRS 305.015

Source Chapter
KRS 305.015
  • Look on the Spine for the chapters contained within each volume.
  • The General Index is contained in volumes 19 and 20.
  • Subject entries are followed by chapter numbers.


Where to find statutes

  • United States Code, USC is in the Government Documents department.
  • United States Code Annotated, USCA and United States Code Service , USCS is in the Law Library.
  • Kentucky Revised Statutes, KRS, the Michie edition is shelved in the Law Library.  The Banks-Baldwin edition is shelved in the Government Documents department.  Both editions are the official edition.
  • West Campus Research  has the federal code and all the state codes.
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