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Reading a Case Citation

How to Read a Case Citation

Reporter Title Abbreviations

Location of Reporters

West Campus Research

How to Read a Case Citation:

Example of a Case Citation:     98 S.Ct. 2733

Volume Number Reporter Title Page Number
98 S.Ct. 2733

Reporter Title Abbreviations:


S.Ct. Supreme Court Reporter
L.Ed. United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers’ Edition
U.S. United States Reports (Official edition-located in Government Documents)
F. Federal Reporter
F.Supp. Federal Supplement


A. Atlantic Reporter
Cal.Rptr. California Reporter
N.E. North Eastern Reporter
N.W. North Western Reporter
N.Y.S. New York Supplement
P. Pacific Reporter
S.E. South Eastern Reporter
So. Southern Reporter
S.W. South Western Reporter

Location of Reporters


Supreme Court Reporter (West) Stack 10&11
United States Supreme Court Reporter (Lawyers’ Edition) Stack 11
United States Reports Government Documents
Federal Reporter Stack 9&10
Federal Supplement Stack 8&9
Federal Appendix Stack 2

Regional and State

Atlantic Stack 7
California Reporter Stack 1&2
Kentucky Decisions/Kentucky Reports Stack 1
North Eastern Reporter Stack 6&7
North Western Reporter Stack 6
New York Supplement Stack 1
Pacific Reporter Stack 5&6
South Eastern Reporter Stack 5
Southern Reporter Stack 4
South Western Reporter Stack 5


West Campus Research

  • Federal and state case law is available online through West Campus Research. 
  • You can search by keywords or natural language. 
  • It is recommended that you have the case citation or case number if trying to find a case through West Campus Research, keyword and natural language searching can be confusing if inexperienced in legal research.
  • Find your  cases through research in treatises, law reviews, and the legal search option available through GoogleScholar. 
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