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Here's the thing...Discussing Pop Culture with EKU Libraries

Interested in pop culture? So are we. Let’s talk about it.

EKU Libraries will host a series of open discussions over the course of the spring semester, talking about some of the most popular series dominating pop culture right now. The events will revolve around a central question crucial to the series or fandom, and anyone is welcome to attend, share their opinion,  and support their arguments with their books or notes. The discussions will be facilitated by EKU Libraries faculty and staff and is part of the Colonel Smart series.  Proof of attendance will be provided.

Please note: Spoiler Alert!  Discussions will be detailed and may contain spoilers!

See what everyone is talking about and join in on the conversation on our Facebook page and find out who's running the show at About Our Nerds!

**Purpose:** Students will develop their critical thinking skills by engaging in critical thinking exercises using materials with which they are already familar.  Because students will be focused on thinking critically and not on learning the material, they will gain a better understanding of the ways in which critical thinking can be used to make and support an argument, skills which can be applied to their classes and continue to be developed as they encounter assignments throughout their academic careers.  



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