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How to Obtain Copyright Permission

Once you have submitted your Reserves Request form:

  • We will first check to see if any of the articles or book chapters are available online.
  • We will then determine if your material complies with the Copyright Law of the United States.
  • If your material requires copyright permission, we will contact you to fill out the Copyright Clearance Request Form. When the request is received, we will submit it to the Copyright Clearance Center.

If the request is approved, we notify you via email of the approval statement and copyright fee. We will include a funding form for you to complete.

  • Please complete the Copyright Clearance Funding form.
  • Please mail the form, along with a copy of the item in question to: EKU Libraries, attn: Sarah Adams, 103 Libraries.  The CCC only handles rights clearance; they do not supply us with the content.
  • If the copyright fee exceeds $250.00, the chair of your department must sign the form as well.

If the request is denied, we will send you an email containing the denial statement.

Please submit your material 3 weeks prior to time that it is needed to allow time for copyright processing.

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