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Gifts for the Library


EKU Libraries accept donations of materials that support the teaching and research needs of the University community. Gifts with limitations or restrictions will not be accepted. The Libraries are free to exercise all privileges of ownership of the materials and reserve the right to retain or discard them.


In order to maintain a collection that supports the information needs of the academic community, gifts are evaluated by the same selection criteria as purchased resources. The collection management librarian in consultation with the appropriate library liaison will determine which items will be added to the collection. Materials not added to the collection are sent to Better World Books, recycled or donated to Bell County prison.

When donating books or other materials to the Library, the donor consents to the following:

  • Gifts with restrictions will not be accepted - the Libraries reserve the right to determine retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to use, maintenance, or deselection.
  • Materials donated must be of such a nature that they can be integrated into the collection and not require special locations, facilities, control, or staffing.
  • It is the responsibility of the donor to make arrangements for the transportation of materials to the Library.
  • Items not added to the collection will not be returned to the donor.
  • The Libraries do not accept materials which are musty, mildewed, water-damaged, and/or insect-infested. These items are disposed of immediately.
  • Internal Revenue Service Regulations prohibit libraries, as a recipient, from appraising gifts  
  • Donors are asked to sign a statement of the above policy to signify acceptance of donation guidelines.

*Any exceptions to these guidelines must be agreed upon in writing prior to the receipt of the donation.

Questions may be directed to  Victoria Koger, Collection Management Librarian

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