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Focus on Scholarship: Dr. Kelli Carmean

Dr. Kelli Carmean

Dr. Kelli Carmean is a Professor and Chair of the EKU Anthropology Department.

"Creekside: An Archaeological Novel", her new historical novel, connects two story lines that link artifact and place, ancestors and descendants, and the present and the past. "Creekside" readers will learn about excavation techniques, the typical daily experiences at a dig, construction deadlines, report writing, artifact analysis, damage from looters and collectors, and more. The depiction of a frontier life includes early Euro-American settlement of the area, encounters with Shawnee defending their land, the rise of religious fundamentalism, and the persistent issue of class-based land ownership.

"Creekside" is available at major bookstores, online, or directly from the publisher, University of Alabama Press. The Barnes & Noble at EKU Bookstore has signed copies of the book.

Hear what she has to say about her scholarship in her first interview for the Focus on Scholarship webcast series.

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