Strategic Plan

Eastern Kentucky University Libraries 

Strategic Plan 2011-15 


EKU Libraries aspire to be a creative, stimulating learning environment with forward- leaning resources, services, and practices that meet the evolving needs of our diverse community of users. 


EKU Libraries exist to strengthen and engage our community by advancing knowledge and inspiring lifelong learning. 


Intellectual Vitality, characterized by information literacy, critical thinking, curiosity, lifelong learning and social responsibility 
Service, characterized by its excellent quality, professionalism, dedication to student success and a 
consistently good user experience 
Creativity and Innovation, characterized by a nimble and responsive organization that experiments with new ideas and learns from its mistakes 
Stewardship, characterized by responsible development and management of human, financial and information resources for the good of the community 
Collaboration, characterized by open and transparent communication and deep community engagement and outreach 
Inclusivity, characterized by respect and diversity of ideas and peoples 
Discovery, characterized by robust intellectual description that enables seamless access to library resources and services regardless of user location 

Goal 1: Strengthen Community 

Strategic Direction 1.1: Partner and communicate strategically in order to advocate, educate and promote the Libraries’ value 
Strategic Direction 1.2: Offer creative opportunities to engage and inspire our community 

Goal 2: Serve Community

Strategic Direction 2.1: Meet the needs of a diverse community of users through service 
Strategic Direction 2.2: Provide physical and virtual spaces that inspire intellectual and creative discovery 
Strategic Direction 2.3: Optimize discovery of library collections  

Goal 3: Steward Resources for Community 

Strategic Direction 3.1: Build and preserve collections to support the scholarly and creative inquiry of faculty and students 
Strategic Direction 3.2: Use assessment to demonstrate value and make decisions 
Strategic Direction 3.3: Increase financial flexibility through effective cultivation and stewardship of donors and campus partners
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