EKU's Most Productive Study Spot: The Silent Study Zone

Student studies in Silent Study Zone

Studying, writing, and research can require deep concentration.  Students’ lives are filled with distractions and finding a quiet place to work is difficult.  In an effort to add an additional level of silence to campus study venue options, EKU Libraries debuted the Silent Study Zone.  Located on the fourth floor of the University Building and accessible only from the Main Library, this is an area of complete silence.  Students are asked to refrain from talking and even whispering in the space.  The Silent Study Zone also features large windows, which let in natural light and picturesque views of campus.  The space received a facelift in summer 2014 thanks to the Friends – it now includes individual study carrels and comfortable seating designed to match the architecture surrounding the space.

To experience a virtual tour of the Silent Study Zone, visit us on YouTube