Known Problems

Blackboard linking and embedding of library resources

Due to recent updates in security setting defaults across several major web browsers, the functionality of linking and embedding of library resources within blackboard has changed. 

To link to library resources, please ensure that the link is configured to open in a new window.

Westlaw Next Search Box not displaying

Some users have reported that the javascript element which displays the search bar in Westlaw Next is not loading. To resolve this issue we recommend taking the following steps:

Films on Demand videos don't play in Firefox

Films on Demand streaming videos may not work properly in Firefox.  If this is affecting you, try viewing the streaming video in Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Wall Street Journal: Issues with GET MORE Links to Wall Street Journal Articles

GET MORE links to Wall Street Journal articles may not work.  If you get an error message when trying to access a Wall Street Journal article, go to ProQuest Newsstand and search by article title or date.

GET MORE in Google Scholar linking problem

If you cannot get the "GET MORE at EKU" link in Google Scholar to work by double clicking, you must right click and open it in another window.

Ancestry Library Edition no longer supports Internet Explorer 7

As of August 1st, 2013, Ancestry Library Edition will no longer support Internet Explorer 7. Ancestry Library Edition is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and higher, as well as the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you are having problems, please upgrade your browser or switch to another.

EKU-issued laptops and off-campus access

Some EKU laptops may have difficulty connecting to library resources from off-campus due to recent campus IT updates.  If this is affecting you, please try the following workaround:

Locate the "Corporate Connectivity" icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen.  It looks like a desktop computer:

EBSCOhost and Mac PDF issues

When viewing a PDF of a journal article in EBSCOhost on a Mac, you may get a message saying "missing plug-in." The download command works fine, but the PDF will not display in the Ebscohost browser window. To fix this problem: (1) Email yourself any article that you want to view.