Focus on Scholarship News

Focus on Scholarship: Dr. Susan Fister

Dr. Susan Fister, executive director of EKU's Bluegrass Community Health Center, teaches in the Baccalaureate and Graduate Degree Nursing Department.

Focus on Scholarship: Dr. Linda Frost

Dr. Linda Frost is an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Theatre and director of the Honors Program. A scholar of nineteenth-century American literature and culture, she is the author of two books: "Never One Nation: Freaks,...

Focus on Scholarship: Dr. Vic Kappeler

Dr. Vic Kappeler, an EKU Foundation Professor of Criminal Justice and Police Studies, has earned three degrees from EKU.

Focus on Scholarship: Tammy Horn

Listen to what EKU researcher/apiculturist Tammy Horn has to say about her scholarship in her interview for the Focus on Scholarship webcast series.

Focus on Scholarship: Derek Nikitas

Derek Nikitas is a faculty member in the Creative Writing MFA Program, and author of two recent mystery novels:

Focus on Scholarship: Dr. Mike Austin

Dr. Mike Austin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion, and author of two recent books: