Live @ Your Library

The theme of L@YL 2013, Everyone is an Artist: Explorations of Creativity within Daily Life, has been developed with the understanding that creativity is not limited to the stereotypical starving bohemian, struggling in her studio loft to create the world's next masterpiece.  Instead, whether it is a student organizing a class presentation or decorating a dorm room, we all engage in small acts of creativity everyday.  The focus of this event series is to explore the process of creativity, with an emphasis on bridging the gap between professional versus personal creativity and present the information in ways that are both educational and entertaining.  Join us this National Library Week to enjoy:

Monday, 4/15:

Creativity and Meaning*
Faculty Presentation: Dr. Steffen Wilson (Professor, Department of Psychology) will explore current research on the creative process and examine how this knowledge can be used to incorporate more creativity into our own lives.

Tuesday, 4/16:

Creativity and Education*
Faculty Presentation: Dr. Julie Bucknam (Professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction) will discuss strategies and techniques for incorporating creativity into the learning experience.

Creating Jazz**
Live Performance: Dr. Larry Nelson (Assistant Professor, Department of Music) will explore the composing, arranging and improvising of jazz music.

Wednesday, 4/17:

The Process of Creation*
Student Presentations: Dr. Russell Carpenter (Director, Noel Studio for Academic Creativity) will oversee student presentations that investigate various aspects of the creative process.

Creating Dance**
Live Performance: Dr. Marianne McAdam (Professor, Department of Exercise & Sport Science) will explore the conception and choreography of a modern dance work.

Thursday, 4/18:

Creativity and Employment*
Faculty Presentation: Dr. Marcel Robles (Professor, Department of Management, Marketing and International Business) will examine how organizations, like Google and Apple, encourage employees to work creatively.

Creating Bluegrass**
Live Performance: Dr. Robert Frederick (Professor and Chair, Department of Biological Sciences) will explore the composing, arranging and improvising of bluegrass music.

Friday, 4/19:

Creativity and Relationships*
Faculty Presentation: Dr. Laura Newhart (Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy & Religion) will discuss creative approaches to enhancing relationships with friends, family and significant others.

*Library Classroom 204D, 2-3:30PM; to receive a temporary parking pass for afternoon events, call (859) 622-1072
**Grand Reading Room, 7-8:30PM; complimentary parking is available behind the Alumni House on Lancaster Avenue or in the Alumni Coliseum lot (campus parking map) for evening events

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All events are free and open to the public.  For more information, call (859) 622-1072.       

This year's series is made possible by the Friends of EKU Libraries, EKU Libraries, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Music, Student Government Association and Dr. Greg Engstrom.  Event Organizers: Dr. Greg Engstrom & Krista Rhodus; Graphic Designer: Melissa Abney