How to Place and Remove Reserve Items

To Place Items on Reserve, please complete and submit the Reserves Request form.  Paper forms are availble at the Main Desk in the John Grant Crabbe Main Library.  Once you submit the form, we will determine if your material complies with U.S. copyright law. If further action is needed, you will be contacted by a library staff member.

  • Be sure to provide all requested information; incomplete forms may delay processing.
  • If you are placing articles or book chapters on reserve, you must provide us with high-quality, letter-sized photocopies. Double-sided copies are welcome. All photocopies will be placed on electronic reserve and will be available online via the Blackboard course page for your class.
  • If we currently have access to the article and/or chapter electronically we will link directly to the article and/or chapter.
  • Your photocopies will be scanned for electronic access.  We regret that we cannot return your photocopies to you. 
  • Please submit reserve requests three to seven days prior to assigning the items to your class and three weeks before assigning eReserve readings.  This will allow our staff ample time to process each request in the order in which it was received.
  • Be sure to inform your class that items are reserved for the course and are available at the Main Desk. Your students can search for your class materials using our online library catalog; however, the students must present their EKU ID or a current picture ID to check out any reserve material.

To Remove Items from Reserve, simply notify our staff and we will update the library catalog.  Electronic reserve items will be automatically removed at the end of each semester.

How to Obtain Copyright Permission