EKU Librarian Named Video Reviewer of the Year

EKU Librarian Named Video Reviewer of the Year

Library Journal has recently selected Rob Sica, an Assistant Librarian at Eastern Kentucky University Libraries, as its Video Reviewer of the Year for 2009.

Sica is the impetus behind EKU Libraries’ highly successful International Film Series and is a frequent contributor to Library Journal.

“A keen mind, incisive, succinct writing, an appreciation for library needs and budgets, and the resilience to take everything we throw at him and come back for more describe Sica, who has reviewed nearly 60 films for us since 2004,” wrote the Journal. “With subject coverage ranging from film history and psychology to philosophy and genocide, he has filled many a gap.”

Sica said that “reviewing films for Library Journal has been one of the most reliable of pleasures for me as a librarian, a happy convergence of service to others and self-enrichment. Even when a film warrants cautionary or even severe reservations, the process involved in sizing it up is salutary, benefiting me in … my work as a service-oriented librarian.”

Sica is also moderator of the Libraries’ ongoing Article Discussion Series.

In its 133rd year of publication, Library Journal is the oldest and most respected publication covering the library field. It is read by over 100,000 library directors, administrators, and staff in public, academic, and special libraries. Its review sections evaluate nearly 7,000 books annually, along with hundreds of audio books, videos, databases, web sites, and systems that libraries typically buy.

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