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Q. What are Course Reserves?
A. Course Reserves, or reserve readings, are books, journal articles, DVDs, or other items that instructors place on hold for students at EKU Libraries and support the instructional requirements of your specific course(s).  Many Reserves are online, but many are available only at a library.

Q. How do I place an item on reserve?
A. Please complete the Reserves Request form to begin the process.  Read more about placing items on reserve.

Q. How do my students check out reserves?
A. Books, videos and other physical items are checked out from the library with an EKU ID or current photo ID.  Online reserves are accessed via the Blackboard course page for your class.

Q. What is the checkout period for reserve items?
A. Physical items on reserve in one of the EKU Libraries may be checked out for two hours, two days, or seven days.  Two hour items can be limited to in-library use only.  This limit is determined by you, the instructor.

Q. Can I place my textbook on reserve?
A. If needed, you can place textbooks within the collection for a short period of time. Textbook reserves should not be placed in lieu of student purchases.

Q. Is this legal?
A. EKU Libraries adheres to the Copyright Law of the United States and the fair use guidelines when placing materials within the Course Reserve Collection.  We will assist you in obtaining permission to use copyrighted materials

Q. When is copryight permission required?
A. When material is used for more than one semester, exceeds 10% of the total pages of a book, or is from the same journal issues as another reserve article.

Q. When is copyright permission NOT required?
A. Copyright permission is not required for the following:

  • Works created by the United States Government.
  • Works for which the copyright term has expired.
  • Works for which the author neglected to satisfy statutory formalities concerning the copyright.
  • Unpublished works created by the instructor, such as book chapters and journal articles if the instructor has retained the copyright for the material.
  • Original copies of books or journals, or direct links to items in the Libraries' online resources.

Q. Where can I get more information?
A. Please email Misty Allen at or call (859) 622-1790.