Course-Related Instruction

The primary purpose of the Instruction Program at Eastern Kentucky University Libraries is to assist students and other members of the EKU community to find, evaluate, and use information effectively. To learn about our information literacy skills goals for students, and how you can help us advance those goals, see our Information Literacy Core Competencies.

EKU instruction librarians seek to employ best practices in the classroom and all participate in an ongoing Peer Review of Teaching process. To learn more about library instruction pedagogy, see our Library Instruction Charter

Tips for Faculty

  • Schedule instruction as far in advance as possible.
  • Plan a definite assignment for your students. It may be a term paper, a semester project, an annotated bibliography, or any assignment that requires students to obtain information through research. For more information, check out Creating Effective Assignments or contact your library liaison.
  • Have students select their individual topics well in advance and share students' specific topics with your librarian. When the session is given, the students will be actively involved, and the librarian instructor will be prepared to teach them.
  • Be specific about what you want your students to learn during the session. Feel free to request specific titles, resources, and/or skills that you would like your librarian to cover.
  • Prepare students beforehand by letting them know that you expect them to listen, actively participate during the instruction session, and apply what they learn.
  • Attend the instruction session--faculty comments and participation enhance the effectiveness of library instruction, and students are always more engaged if their instructor is present.