Colloquium: Is there Anything Good about Men?

Colloquium: Is there Anything Good about Men?
September 3, 2010

This Fall Term EKU Libraries will continue its effort to encourage casual dialogue across disciplinary boundaries among faculty and students by hosting hour-long, informally moderated colloquiums on selected Friday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. in Main Library Room 201.

Each colloquium will be devoted to text, video or audio material chosen by a faculty member who will also moderate the discussion. The material may be of any subject, scholarly or topical, peer-reviewed or popular, including original work, fiction and poetry. The only requirement is that the item(s) under discussion be accessible online (including, of course, any of EKU Libraries’ many subscription resources).

On September 3, Rob Sica will moderate discussion of social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister’s controversial 2007 American Psychological Association address Is There Anything Good About Men?

Refreshments kindly provided by EKU Student Government Association.

Faculty interested in participating as moderators are encouraged to contact Rob Sica.

For more information about the series, including the schedule and past discussion topics, please click here.


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