Colloquium: Historical Roots of our Ecological Crisis

Colloquium: Historical Roots of our Ecological Crisis
February 5, 2010

Everyone is invited to join us on selected Friday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. in Crabbe Library Room 201 for a hour of informal, moderated discussion of articles on various topics selected by EKU faculty. Refreshments will be provided by EKU Student Government Association.

Dr. Bruce MacClaren will be moderating discussion of The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis:

Both our present science and our present technology are so tinctured with orthodox Christian arrogance toward nature that no solution for our ecologic crisis can be expected from them alone. Since the roots of our trouble are so largely religious, the remedy must also be essentially religious, whether we call it that or not. We must rethink and refeel our nature and destiny.

Faculty interested in participating as discussion moderators are encouraged to contact Rob Sica.