Colloquium: Free Will in Social Psychology

Colloquium: Free Will in Social Psychology
April 15, 2011

Among its efforts to nourish collegial dialogue across disciplinary boundaries among faculty and students, EKU Libraries is hosting hour-long, informally moderated colloquiums on selected Fridays at 3:30 p.m. in the new Crabbe Library Research and Instruction Commons Conference Room, 204G.

Each colloquium session is devoted to text, video or audio material chosen by a faculty member who moderates the discussion. The material may be of any subject, scholarly or topical, peer-reviewed or popular, as well as original work. The only requirement is that the item(s) under discussion be accessible online (including any of EKU Libraries’ many subscription resources).

On Friday, April 15, 2011 Dr. Matthew Winslow will moderate discussion of Free Will in Social Psychology:

The topic of free will has challenged thinkers and inspired debate across multiple disciplines for centuries. What can social psychology contribute? Social psychology is unlikely to provide a convincing answer to questions about whether people have free will. However, social psychology can provide considerable information about the inner processes and the control of behavior. To thinkers who believe in free will, social psychology provides vital evidence about how it happens and is used. To thinkers who disbelieve in free will, social psychology can provide evidence about what real phenomena are mistaken for it.


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