Colloquium: Empathy in the Virtual World

Colloquium: Empathy in the Virtual World
November 13, 2009

Everyone is invited to join us on selected Friday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. in Crabbe Library Room 201 for a hour of informal, moderated discussion over articles of various topics selected by EKU faculty. Refreshments will be provided by EKU Student Government Association.

Dr. Matthew Winslow will moderate this week’s discussion of Empathy in the Virtual World:

If Socrates could wander the halls of our workplaces or visit our homes, he would be amazed by the advance of our multimedia computers over the primitive technology of his cave with its statues and firelight.  Technology, however, never bestows its bounty freely, and Socrates might make us a bit uncomfortable with questions about the role that machines play in modern life…

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