Colloquium: Drug Decriminalzation in Portugal

September 11, 2009

Everyone is invited to join us on selected Friday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. in Crabbe Library Room 201 for a hour of informal, moderated discussion over articles of various topics selected by EKU faculty. Refreshments will be provided by EKU Student Government Association.

Dr. Mark Kony will moderate this week’s discussion of Drug Decriminalization in Portugal, an examination and assessment of Portugal’s nationwide drug decriminalization policy which, in 2001, abolished all penalties for personal possession of drugs:

The data show that, judged by virtually every metric, the Portuguese decriminalization framework has been a resounding success.  Within this success lie self-evident lessons that should guide drug policy debates around the world.

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Faculty interested in moderating discussion on any of the remaining available dates are encouraged to contact Rob Sica.


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